D2C Everywhere®

MarketNation empowers Brands to join together, along with their selected Distribution and Go-To-Market Partners, to fulfill the promise of D2C Everywhere™.  We promise to make a Brand’s products easily available to consumers everywhere online, both on traditional marketplaces as well as in a first-of-its-kind distributed marketplace we call +Shops™.

D2C Everywhere® Benefits


• Maximize Volume
• Full 1P/3P Catalog
• Optimize Pricing
• No Extra Retail Layer

+Shop Network

• Attract Ambassadors
• Monetize Social Spend
• Optimize Distribution
• Capture Shopper Data

Product Launches

• Forecast Volume
• Simulate Inventories
• Optimize ROl
• Maximize Success

Selling in Traditional Marketplaces

Using D2C+™, MarketNation’s back-end platform, Brands, in collaboration with their Distribution Partners, stay in control of their D2C sales channels by jointly managing products, content, messaging and pricing.  As a marketplace aggregating technology, D2C+ can be used across Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Google Shopping.

For Brands and their Distribution Partners wanting to make their products available beyond traditional marketplaces, D2C- functionality also extends to +Shops, and delivers a controlled, ever growing, and smartly distributed marketplace experience for consumers everywhere.

As a gated distributed marketplace, +Shops is an exclusive Brands Only™ buying venue.  No third party resellers are allowed.  Consumers can shop with confidence, knowing they’re buying directly from Brands and those authorized to represent them. Wherever customers purchase – on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Shopping, etc. or in +Shops, MarketNation’s collective promise is…

Authenticity Always™ = Authenticity Guaranteed + Authenticity Delivered + Authenticity Rewarded

Selling in a +Shop

+Shop represents an opportunity to complement the Brands’ existing sales channels and strengthen their go-to-market strategy to deliver D2C Everywhere.  Without impacting a Brand’s existing distribution channels, a +Shop is a part of a distributed marketplace that empowers Brands to continuously expand their D2C selling locations by enabling individual +Shops to sell the Brand’s products.

The +Shop changes everything.  As a complementary channel to traditional marketplaces, not only do Brands benefit from reduced cost to deliver, but any funds spent with a given +Shopkeeper can be directly measured through the resulting sales in their +Shop.  Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) are measured directly at the SKU level, and calculated for any Brand halo lift. These insights can optimize media purchases elsewhere.

New product launches are usually supported through concentrated marketing spend.  +Shop data insights will optimize this marketing spend to create awareness and convert customers.

For distressed inventory such as EOL, overstock, closeouts, and/or refurbished products, a +Shop enables targeted asset recovery unlike any other sales channel. Where the goal is to move inventory quickly and get out of circulation discreetly, being able to target +Shopkeepers and their specific followers and/or website visitors means the greater market won’t be affected.  Brands are protected from price degradation for in-channel products. Channel conflict becomes a thing of the past:  profits are maximized, branding remains untarnished, +Shopkeepers look heroic, and new customers are won.  It’s a win for everyone, except liquidators, grey market resellers, and those who promote them.

Build Your +Shop Network

Build your +Shop Network by incentivizing +Shopkeepers to earn 3% to 15% or more for anything sold in their +Shop.  Send your prospective +Shopkeepers to plus.shop to learn more and apply today.  Perfect for a limitless Brand Ambassador program!

With +Shop, anyone can be a +Shopkeeper: Influencers, Creators, Brands, Brand Affiliates, Schools, and other Nonprofits. The +Shop Network is where everyone loves to shop; consumers don’t have to go anywhere because they’re already there. They just click the “+Shop” wherever they see it displayed by a +Shopkeeper.

For +Shopkeepers, they just choose the Brands they wish to have in their +Shop. In turn, Brands in collaboration with their Distribution Partners, control which products, content, and pricing is listed. +Shop handles all the hard stuff, i.e., managing the +Shopkeeper’s store, inventory, shipping, billing, customer service, returns, tax remittance, vendor reconciliation, etc.

Why Influencers & Creators Love +Shops

Social influencers of all sizes (Mega, Macro, and Micro) can focus on their content while also promoting the Brands and products they believe in to their followers, earning 3% to 15% commission fee or more on every transaction in addition to whatever direct relationship they have with a Brand’s marketing department.  

With +Shops, Influencers gain control over their earnings throughout the year and are able to diversify their revenue streams with sponsored content, Brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and more.

For selling in Social Media channels, +Shops feature functionalities that enable Influencers & Creators to easily activate their own store, boost their ecommerce capabilities with minimal effort, and enjoy the incremental revenue streams in partnership with the Brands whose products they believe in.  

  • +Shop Personalized Store: easily and quickly activated store, branded to the Influencer’s logo and pictures, to authentically reflect the online personality of the social influencer and their followers while maintaining a consistent layout for consumers.
  • Verified plus.shop/name url for Link in Bio: the followers of a Influencer can see the portfolio of Brands an Influencer chooses to display, disintermediating the unnecessary retailer for the best deals on the Internet.
  • Merchant of Record: +Shopkeepers have no need to take ownership of inventory or interact directly with consumers since everything is managed by MarketNation. MarketNation serves as the retailer to the end-customer, taking on all responsibility in ensuring a successful purchase.
  • Master +Shop Catalog: +Shopkeepers make online selections from an extensive list of Brands and products to serve the needs of their followers. 
  • Margin Stack, Content & Messaging Management: no need to manage competitive pricing and promotions as they are managed directly by the Brands in collaboration with their Distribution Partners, down to the product level.
  • Customer Service and Returns: no requirement to manage customer shipments, product returns, end-user refunds and the daily management of customer service issues.
  • Consumer Data & Insights: customer relevant information and transactional data made available to both Influencers and Brands for community optimization.

Why Brands & Affiliates Love +Shops

MarketNation envisions a future where every Brand in the world hosts their own +Shop as part of a Brand-to-Brand +Shop Network.

For some Brands, a Brand +Shop will allow them to manage inventory better (including pulling from optimized distribution channels), margins, content, automated pricing, and sales on marketplaces, all from one platform.  Many large brands want to sell products at their own website but their accounting systems won’t allow for B2C transactions. They have a few hundred “customers” i.e. major retailers and distributors. But going B2C and having thousands of end customers is impossible in their systems. There aren’t many options at that point except giving over complete control to a third party and paying egregious financing fees to a simple Merchant of Record (MOR) service provider.  +Shops solve all those issues in one solution.

For other Brands, creating a consistent presence on social media platforms where they often have up to 20+ channels to manage is motivation in and of itself for embracing +Shops.  Constantly creating and maintaining links across different audiences and product categories is near impossible and the consumer experience is terrible.  Using Brand +Shops to standardize the experience across the Brand’s ever growing social channels, and doing so in a venue that matches the experience of its Influencers & Creators +Shops, dramatically improves both costs and consumer engagement.

Certain Brands may wish to have a marketplace at their own websites to motivate the purchase of their own 1P products. +Shops allow Brands to be able to reward consumers on a Brand.com’s receipt page. Using a promotion code that consumers can use in the Brand’s +Shop, a Brand.com’s verified customers are able to gain exclusive pricing in the Brand’s +Shop for perfectly curated 3P products that complement the Brands’.

For Brands hosting a +Shop, nothing could be easier than selecting the complementary 3P products from the +Shop catalog that they wish to reward their customers with for unparalleled offers as part of a fully contained post purchase buying experience.  

Never before has Brand-to-Brand customer acquisitions been so easy. Just as 1P Brands select 3P Brands in their +Shop, those same 3P Brands will return the favor in a quid pro quo, making the 1P Brand’s products also available in their +Shop so that everyone feels rewarded. Host to post is the motivation.

Why Schools & Nonprofits Love +Shops

By joining the +Shop Network, Schools and Nonprofits are able to earn 3% to 15% or more on any purchase made in their +Shop at their website. The School or Nonprofit picks the Brand that they think their constituents will like from the +Shop catalog, and the +Shop takes it from there.  From beginning to end, everything is taken care of by the +Shop, allowing the Nonprofit to focus on what they do best, i.e. helping people for good.

School and Nonprofits provide people who believe in their cause with the opportunity to give back when shopping online, creating a unique, sustainable, and impactful fundraising mechanism and new source of income.  Additionally, it creates an incentive for constituents, both new and old alike, to frequent their website as consumers every day of the year. 

For consideration.  Before AmazonSmile was discontinued, that program had raised $449M for people’s favorite charities based on the Nonprofit getting 0.5% of the transaction. With +Shops, where the buying experience happens at the School or Nonprofit’s website, they will earn 10x to 20x that amount or more.