What is D2C+?

D2C+™ is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail platform that enables selling on both traditional marketplaces and in +Shops.  The collaborative back-end comes with D2C Made Easy™ features that make it easy for Brands and their Distribution Partners to expand their D2C selling locations. When selling on +Shops, D2C+ allows users to acquire transaction and customer data wherever possible, encourage Brand loyalty, maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and minimize Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS).

By providing Merchant-of-Record and Seller-of-Record services, D2C+ also reduces overall channel costs by removing non-value add third parties. Additionally, by providing Brands end-to-end customer service and returns management, MarketNation has effectively designed a true Brand-centric D2C selling platform, thereby restoring the Brand’s control over every part of the consumer experience. D2C Made Easy™ features include the following:

What’s more, Brands, in collaboration with their Distribution Partners, are able to keep complete control over their distribution channel, products, content, and pricing strategy through an agreed upon margin stack, one that becomes fully automated and runs on its own once approved for a given D2C location.

D2C+ removes the complexity of D2C selling, especially when creating Brand-to-Brand physical and digital bundles. It provides Brands with the opportunity to connect products in known distribution channels with consumers across multiple marketplaces while providing much needed product assurance.

D2C Everywhere® Program Details

MarketNation offers three engagement levels as part of the D2C Everywhere program, each of which can be custom tailored to the Brand’s preferred approach for maximizing its marketplace presence:


Your Brand does not manage its account and listings directly; your Distribution Partner does everything for you in making your products available for sale both on traditional marketplaces as well as across the +Shop Network, using the D2C+ platform on your behalf.  

No subscription required.


Your Brand has a direct account relationship with MarketNation, and  uses D2C+, in coordination with your Distribution Partner(s), to manage your product sales on all the marketplaces. Our team is directly invested in your marketplace success, managing your own marketplace storefront(s) where applicable, and helping you grow your own +Shop Network, by provisioning any Shopkeepers you wish to select.

Monthly subscription required.


Your Brand has full utilization of MarketNation’s D2C+ and +Shop tech stack as well as account management services for D2C Everywhere.  Additionally, MarketNation manages your 1P and/or 3P product sales for a +Shop at your own Brand.com website. Also, we help you grow your Brand-to-Brand cross-selling +Shop Network by provisioning your Brand Partners with their own +Shop.

Pricing to be determined based on your Brand.com requirements.