What is D2C+?

D2C+™ is the first ever collaborative D2C Platform for Brands and their distribution partners, and their full solution for marketplace success. Brands get everything they need for embracing D2C as an additional channel strategy for today’s unique business demands and opportunities.

We enable brands and their distribution partners to utilize a smart Direct-to-Consumer platform for making their products available on centralized traditional marketplaces as well as a distributed brand-to-brand marketplace that we call +Shops.

D2C+™ removes the complexity of D2C selling, especially for attaching digital products as well as creating brand-to-brand physical and digital bundles. It provides brands with the opportunity to connect products in known distribution channels with consumers across multiple marketplaces while providing much needed product assurance and innovative incremental value options to those consumers.

 By providing Merchant-of-Record and Seller-of-Record services and also taking care of the brand’s end-to-end customer service and returns support needs, MarketNation has designed the first brand-centric D2C platform which restores the brand’s control over every part of the consumer experience.

D2C+ is specifically designed for: 

  • Brand-to-Brand Physical + Digital Bundling
  • National Promotion
  • New Product Introduction
  • A Stock and B Stock
  • Refurbished/Reconditioned/Re-certified
  • EOL & Pre-Liquidation

D2C+ includes:

  • Data aggregation across a Brand’s distribution chain
  • APIs for logistics, channel partners and marketplaces
  • Portals and dashboards
  • Rules & smart tools with built-in marketplace optimization
  • Database and catalog management

Three engagement levels enable your Brand to select its preferred approach to marketplace growth: 

Your Brand does not manage its account and listings directly, your Brand’s Distribution Partner does everything for you, using the D2C+ platform on your behalf. No monthly minimum.

Your Brand has a direct account relationship with MarketNation and has full use of D2C+; our team is fully invested in your success across all marketplaces, managing your own storefronts where applicable. Monthly minimum.




Your Brand uses D2C+ to manage 1P and 3P opportunities on centralized marketplaces, at your own website, and even across other Brand Marketplace websites, with full use of +Shops. Contact your representative to learn more.